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What is the BTL?

BACnet Testing Laboratories was established by BACnet International to support compliance testing and interoperability testing activities and consists of BTL Manager and the BTL-WG.

General Activities of the BTL
The general activities of the BTL are:
      •    Publish the BTL Implementation Guidelines document,
      •    Organize the annual BACnet International sponsored Interoperability Workshop,
      •    Award worldwide BTL Listings to qualified BACnet devices,
      •    Support the activities of the BTL-WG,
      •    Provide support to the BACnet community with the help of the BTL-WG when questions arise                  on the testing package.
      •    Publish and Maintain the BTL Test Package with the technical support of the BTL-WG for                       use by pre-testers and approved BACnet testing laboratories.
      •    Approves Testing Laboratories for BTL Testing.

The BTL also provides testing services through its managed BACnet laboratory, SoftDEL.

What is the BTL Working Group
The working group was formed by BACnet International to oversee the establishment of the BACnet® conformance certification and listing program. The working group is comprised of members of BACnet® International and BIG-EU whose goals are to promote and maintain the BACnet® and BTL® trademark.

The BACnet Testing Laboratories Working Group provides oversight and guidance to the BACnet Testing Laboratories (BTL). The BTL Working Group is responsible for the technical aspects of BACnet International's testing and listing activities, the central goal of which is to improve BACnet interoperability between building automation products.

The BTL Working Group meets by phone usually once a week and has face-to-face meetings quarterly.

Click here to view BTL Working Group Charter.

How do I Join the BTL Working Group
Contact the Working Group Chairman for more information.


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