About the Symposium

The world’s first International BACnet Testing Symposium will be taking place October 6 - 7, 2018 at the University of New Hampshire, and is a unique opportunity to learn about tools and technologies for BACnet testing while networking with experts from around the world. Thought leaders, technical experts, quality assurance engineers and highly experienced BACnet testing organizations will come together to review the state of the art and explore the future of BACnet testing. 

The symposium will include a day and half of educational sessions, discussions and networking opportunities. Attendees will have the opportunity to talk with experts from Europe, North America, India and around the world, including Duffy O’Craven (BTL Manager), Emily Hayes (Chair of the BTL Working Group), Mike Osborne (Chair of SSPC-135) as well as Mike Newman, Steve Bushby and other founding members of the BACnet community.

Why Attend?

The International BACnet Testing Symposium is a unique opportunity to learn, share and connect with experts in BACnet product development and testing.  If you are involved in BACnet product testing for quality assurance or BTL certification, or if you are engaged in test tool development or have an interest in BACnet product testing, this Symposium is for you!

Enhance your knowledge, further develop your skills, discover the latest methodologies and methods, and bring back to your team information to improve your testing processes and garner greater results.

For more information, contact info@bacnetinternational.org.